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arrrgh, I am so fed up with this shit!!

Is anyone else here on birth control pills? I have been on a monophasic one for about a year now and I seem to have this yeast infection that won't go away. I take it because I have problems with hormonal acne. I know birth control and diabets raises your chances of yeast infections. I eat yogurt and take Azo yeast and I STILL get them. So I am having trouble with keeping my blood sugars under control where I'd like them. I'll wake up low, the rest of the day I'll be high, go over 200 a couple of times. It pisses me off!!

Anyway, I also take spironolactone 50 mg for the acne problem. I'm wondering if it would be worth going off the pill for a while to see if my numbers will be better; I just don't really want to go off it because it also keeps my periods tolerable.

I hate this. >:(

small rant

So i had my first visit to a new diabetes centre yesterday.  Everything was going fine as went through the usual weigh-in, pee sample and blood taking.  It was while i was waiting to see the consultant that I realised there were advice posters for pregnancy everywhere. During the consultation we were going through the list of my meds and I was asked if my pill (mercilon) was for contraceptive purposes - i answered "definitely"  The Dr asked if i planned on having kids and when i said never seemed to be fine with it.  At that point he got called out of the room for a few minutes and i got an interrogation from the nurse - "what never?/you're young, you'll change ypur mind..etc" she just could not seem to accept that I had decided to never have kids. Arrgh! Luckily the Dr made it back before I had to choke her to shut her up....Still, I can't help wondering when this is going to be brought up again.



Hi, I'm Snarky Cat and I've been diabetic for about a year and a half. I was 24 when I was diagnosed type 1. Diabetes runs in both sides of my family, including my dad, who has been diabetic for 32 years (I think). So I wasn't really surprised when I got it too; I figured I was probably going to get it some day and I would deal with it when that day came. I take Novolog, and Lantus twice a day.

I have also been childfree since a few years before I became diabetic. Mostly because I don't like kids very much to begin with. Plus pregnancy and childbirth really freak me out. When I was on the fence about having kids I thought adoption might not be so bad, but becoming diabetic really sealed the deal; I'm really glad I don't have a kid (or ten!) to deal with on top of this shit. (Plus I'm po'.)

I hope you enjoy this community and I hope I will be good at carrying out mod duties. Cheers!

Open for business!

Here's the brand spanking new cf community--for diabetics. Introduce yourself, ask questions, rant, whatever. Only rule: You must be diabetic and childfree to join.

It's a WIP; if you have suggestions for a community icon or to change the layout let me have it. Also if you would like to be a mod just ask but we might not need more than one or two unless we get a lot of members.

Have at it!


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